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Sandalwood (Spicatum) essential oil - Fusanus Spicatus Santalum Spicata Wood Oil


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  • Sandalwood E.O. 5ml

    Price € 18.95 (incl. IVA 22%)
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  • Sandalwood E.O. 10ml

    Price € 35.90 (incl. IVA 22%)
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Australian Sandalwood essential oil – Fusanus Spicatus/Santalum Spicata Wood Oil – 10 ml


Flower Tales Australian Sandalwood oil is 100% pure, obtained by steam distillation from the heartwood of Santalum Spicatum. The olfactory character of Australian Sandalwood is powerful, sweet and diffuse in the top notes. The woody, smoke and sweet heart notes complement the warm and balsamic base. It has a true, “rounded” sandalwood character throughout the whole chord, with tenacious woody dry-down.

Origin: Western Australia. Olfactory note: Base

Differently from S. Album, used mainly for its elegant scent, S. Spicatum oil has powerful cosmetic properties: few know that its anti-bacterial properties make Australian Sandalwood 25 times more effective than tea tree oil in killing S.aureus, a common cause of acne, present also in skin infections such as eczema. Australian Sandalwood oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness in irritated skin. Some studies analyse some olfactory receptors and their role in regulating cell functions beyond olfaction: it has been demonstrated that the scent of sandalwood stimulates hair growth and helps prevent hair loss.

Since antiquity, however, it is the relaxing and anti-stress properties that are most commonly associated to sandalwood: if in Indian tradition sandalwood is used to facilitate meditation, in Australia S. Spicatum was used by indigenous populations to create a sense of focus and calm before beginning Walkabout.

FLOWER TALES QUALITY: Flower Tales always endeavours to balance the sustainability of natural resources with the need of providing accessible and affordable products. When researching a sandalwood oil that would meet these criteria, the choice automatically fell on Australian sandalwood. The production of this oil is operated exclusively by the Sate of Western Australia through a system of strictly regulated licences. While this limits the production to a niche, compared to the more common Santalum Album, it guarantees its long term sustainability and respect of the environment. This can often not be said about the production of S.Album: with the due exceptions, this wood comes mainly from the forests of India or Indonesia, where the absence of strict environment protection regulations makes production of S.Album oil untraceable and non sustainable. A curiosity: the production of S.Spicatum is not large enough to satisfy the global demand of sandalwood oil, particularly from large multinational cosmetic companies that must often opt for S.Album. Paradoxically, despite S.Spicatum being rarer, this makes its wholesale price lower; this allows us to bring to our small-scale customers not only an oil with proper cosmetic properties and with a richer, more exotic scent, but also offer it an interesting price level compared to other market alternatives (be careful: sandalwood oil is notoriously very precious: suspiciously low prices indicate that it is not 100% pure, but has been diluted with a carrier oil).


INDICAZIONI: Acne; eczema; skin redness, hair loss.

APPLICAZIONI: anti-acne treatments face creams, body lotions, aromatherapy, candles.

Packaging: 10ml glass bottle with drop

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