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Natural Caffeine - Caffeine


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Pure anhydrous caffeine (100% titration standard It. FU/Ph-Eur) 100% natural, plant based and certified- caffeine - 50g



100% PLANT-BASED  (extracted from tropical coffee plants, not synthesised)

100% NATURAL EXTRACTION PROCESS (steam extraction, no solvents, no ionic radiations, no chemical processes, no impurities due to synthesis)


Flower Tales Natural Caffeine is 100% pure as per standards set by the latest editions of the Italian and European pharmacopoeia. It contains no impurities and is obtained solely from tropical coffee plants, through a totally natural process without solvents: this grants it a COSMOS-approved certification.

Caffeine’s lipolytic (fat-burning) action makes it an essential ingredient in homemade anti-cellulite and slimming body treatments (hips, buttocks, waistline, breast, tummy and legs); thanks to its toning and firming properties, it is also used in products for saggy skin (eye bags, double chin). It is also used in hair treatments to oxygenate the scalp, keep dandruff under control and fight hair loss.

FLOWER TALES QUALITY: Natural caffeine is superior in quality and effectiveness to the cheaper synthetic caffeine normally found from online retailers and also available here. Flower Tales is amongst the very first distributors to propose a 100% plant-based and eco-certified caffeine. Our natural caffeine is produced in Italy by a ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier, leader in their field.

More performing, but also more delicate: given the same quantity and level of purity, natural caffeine is more effective and less aggressive than synthetic caffeine. It is also more soluble: the grinding process leaves miniscule air pockets in the molecules, allowing the penetration of fluids and therefore enhancing solubility.

No impurities from synthesis: synthetic caffeine is derived from urea exposed to aggressive chemical substances such as dichloromethane, ethyl acetate and carbon dioxide, which can leave behind impurities. If any, impurities in natural caffeine are all plant-based: caffeine is obtained from plants through an eco-certified steam-based process that does not require solvents or other chemicals.

Traceable origin: Flower Tales natural caffeine is obtained from sustainable coffee plantations in the tropics earmarked for the food industry, which are of higher quality than those cultivated in temperate areas such as China and destined to other industrial uses.



APPEARENCE: white, fine (5% > 355 micron) crystalline powder. PH: 6 (sol. 1%). Molecular Mass: 194,19 g/mol.

SOLUBILITY: Soluble in warm water (50-70°C). Solubility is improved in acid pH (4.5-5.5)

DOSAGE: 0,5-2%. Add to A phase

APPLICATIONS: anti-cellulite and slimming treatments; firming body lotions, eye contour serums, shampoos against hair loss


Packaging: “Stand up” envelope. Resealable and reusable.



For external use only. No GMOs. Not tested on animal. Not exposed to ionising radiation.

Can cause irritation: use gloves, mask and protect eyes.


H302 harmful if swallowed.

caffeina naturale - nociva se ingerita


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