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Ivy glycerite - Hedera helix leaf extract


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  • Edera 30ml

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  • Edera 100ml

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Concentrated Ivy GlyceriteHedera Helix leaf extract – 30ml


Flower Tales Ivy Glycerite is an extract obtained from ivy leaves using glycerine. It is a 100% natural product. Not all glycerites are the same: Flower Tales’ glycerites have a high concentration of extract and are based on a high performing glycerine, giving maximum results while being gentle on the skin. Ivy extract's main cosmetic application is in slimming and anti cellulite creams and lotions, as well as to reduce skin redness and irritations. When added to shampoos, it makes dark hair glossy and shiny.

INDICATIONS: Cellulite, fat deposits, orange peel skin, skin redness, irritated skin.

APPLICATIONS: Face creams; slimming and firming lotions for tighs and tummy; shampoos and conditioners (for dark hair).

Packaging: White PET bottle with pipette. Reusable and Recyclable.



For external use only. No GMOs. Not tested on animal.

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