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Inulin - inulin


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  • Inulina 50g

    Price € 1.90 (incl. IVA 22%)
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  • Inulina 100g

    Price € 2.90 (incl. IVA 22%)
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  • Inulina 250g

    Price € 5.30 (incl. IVA 22%)
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Inulin 90% - Inulin – 50gr


Flower Tales Inulin is a natural product, 100% vegetable-derived (extracted from chicory roots – Chicorium intybus). This product has excellent moisturising and soothing properties. It is also used as a conditioning agent in hair products.

APPLICATIONS: Home made hair products; face creams; body creams, feminine washes.

Packaging: “Stand Up” envelope, silver/transparent, re-sealable and reusable.


For external use only. No GMOs. Not tested on animal. Not exposed to ionising radiation.

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