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HYALURONIC ACID (POWDER) - sodium ialuronate ( Hyaluronic acid )


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  • 3g

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  • 10g

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Hyaluronic Acid – sodium ialuronate - 3gr


Flower Tales Hyaluronic Acid is a precious and much in-demand active ingredient typically contained in high-end cosmetic products. This powder is added to water to create a pH neutral gel, without using any gelling or thickening agent. 3 grams of Flower Tales Hyaluronic Acid powder give 300 ml of gel at the optimal 1% solution. Sold in powder, Flower Tales Hyaluronic Acid gives you to the flexibility to create the amount of gel required each time, to apply directly to the skin or into emulsions. A precision spoon is included to allow use in small quantities. For those preferring the convenience of a finished product, we recommend our much loved Flower Tales Hyaluronic Acid Gel.

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most effective anti-ageing and moisturising ingredients with a tightening effect on the skin, which feels immediately and visibly rejuvenated.  

HOW TO USE: Dissolve 1% hyaluronic acid powder in 99% water and let rest for 16 hours in a cool, dark place. Add a preservative and stir. The gel can be applied directly on the skin, or added to emulsions in the C phase (cold). The gel can also be added at a 1-3% concentration to Flower Tales Base Cream. The powder can be added to emulsion directly at 0,01% concentration, or can also be diluted in glycerine or other excipients.

INDICATIONS: Wrinkles, mature skin, dull or tired-looking skin, dry skin, eye bags.

APPLICATIONS: Face creams, moisturisers; used directly on the skin (gel). 

Packaging: Tub with “easy open” pressure lid and precision spoon. Reusable and resealable.



For external use only. No GMOs. Not tested on animals.


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