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Carrageenan (iota) - Carrageenan (Chondrus crispus Powder)


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Flower Tales Carrageenan is a gelling agent naturally extracted from Chondrus crispus, a red seaweed also known as Irish Moss. Flower Tales. Carrageenan is a “iota” carrageenan, suitable for cosmetic use, and gives a smoother, more elastic gel compared to viscous or harder gels given by they “lambda” and “kappa” types. Iota carrageenan gel is transparent or light-brown/yellowish and firmer compared to Xantan Gum or Sodium Alginate gels. It is soluble in hot water and dispersion in glycerine is not required; compared to xantan gum gel, it is often considered “lighter” and less film-forming. It is possible to use carrageenan as a co-gelling agent to combine the properties of both and give stability to the gel or the emulsion if active ingredients are added in the formulation.

FLOWER TALES QUALITY: La carragenina Flower Tales carrageenan is a genuine product extracted from natural raw materials: differences in colour in the gel is totally normal.

Solubility: soluble in hot water

DOSAGE: 0.2-0.8%. Add to water and heat to 70-80°C. Gel forms with cooling.

APPLICATIONS: gels, shampoos, emulsions, face masks, toothpastes.

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