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Aloe Vera gel - Aloe Barbadensis Gel


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  • Aloe Gel-100ml

    Price € 8.50 (incl. IVA 22%)
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  • Aloe Gel-250ml

    Price € 16.90 (incl. IVA 22%)
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Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe Barbadensis Gel – 100ml


Flower Tales Aloe Vera gel is 100% natural and vegetable-derived. It is cold pressed directly from the plant’s fresh pulp and not from derived powders. This maintains all the beneficial properties of Aloe Vera. It is made into a gel using xantan gum, which is also 100% natural.

Its cooling and moisturizing properties make it ideal in after sun lotions. It can be applied directly on small burns and insect bites for immediate relief. It is a cell growth stimulator and effective scar inhibitor. It is fast absorbed and moisturises dry skin very quickly. It rebalances oily skin and fights impurities. Also used as anti dandruff agent.

INDICATIONS: Dry skin (it moisurises quickly) , oily skin (it fights impuritiesand rebalances the skin), cellulite, redness of the skin, dandruff, oral hygiene.

APPLICATIONS: Homemade after sun lotions (or apply directly); scalp treatments, shampoos, mouthwashes, toothpastes.

Packaging: Transparent “Squeeze” bottle with “twist open” precision nozzle.



For external use only. No GMOs. Not tested on animals.

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