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Allantoin - Allantoin


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  • Allantoina 50g

    Price € 2.00 (incl. IVA 22%)
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  • Allantoina 100g

    Price € 3.20 (incl. IVA 22%)
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Pure Allantoin – 50gr


Allantoin is a chemical compound naturally produced by plants and animals. Flower Tales Allantoin is synthesised in the laboratory and is not of animal origin. It is an active ingredient with promotes regeneration of the skin’s outer layer, smoothness and scar healing. It is renowned for its moisturising, regenerating, soothing and protective properties.    

INDICATIONS: Irritated skin, acne, rosacea, dry skin.

APPLICATIONS: Recipes for anti-ageing creams, shaving creams, after sun lotions, foot creams, hair care products

Packaging: “Stand Up” envelope, silver/transparent, re-sealable and reusable

For external use only. No GMOs. Not tested on animal. Not exposed to ionising radiation.

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