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Acai dry extract -10% polyphenols - Euterpe olearcea Fruit Extract, Maltodextrin, Silica


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Acai Dry Extract (10% polifenoli) with maltodextrin - Euterpe olearcea Fruit Extract, Maltodextrin, Silica10g


Flower Tales Acai titrated extract with maltodetxrin is extracted from the fruits of Euterpe olerace, a plant originating from Brazil.

It contains 10% of polyphenols, a much higher percentage compared to non-dry Acai extracts.

Polyphenols are natural substances with a low molecular weight, which allows them to deeply penetrate the skin. They play a critical role in the wellbeing of our organism and are collectively referred to as Vitamin P.

Polyphenols are incredibly powerful antioxidants, contrasting premature cell ageing. They also protect cells from the damages of UV light. They have natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. They also help improve microcirculation, help protect capillaries and have astringent and toning effects, making it an ideal active ingredient for tackling cellulite and stretch marks.

Acai fruits are also rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E and Omega 6 fatty acids.

This makes Acai extract a very powerful active ingredient in anti-ageing products, as well as hair care products for dry or brittle hair.

The high content of antocyanins will also give a decorative effect, turning emulsions blue or red depending on the pH.

Flower Tales Acai titrated extract also contains maltodextrin. Its function is as a carrier and anti-caking agent for the dry extract but it has beneficial effects of its own: it enhances skin permeability, allowing compounds to be more easily absorbed and thus improving the extract’s efficacy; it also has moisturising and lubricating properties and it’s film-forming, making this product a valid additive in depilatory and shaving creams.

FLOWER TALES QUALITY: Acai dry extract is naturally obtained by using water as a solvent. The extract is then concentrated by evaporating the water at low temperature and it’s then spray-dried to pulverise it. Maltodextrin and silica are then added as anti-caking agents to make the extract easier to work with.

Solubility: slightly soluble in water. Warm water will improve solubility. To avoid any suspended particles, it can be dissolved in water first and then filtered. However some suspended particles are not necessarily annoying and may give the end product a feel of genuineness, so it can be added directly to the emulsion to preserve the high concentration of polyphenols.

DOSAGE: 0.5-2% to cold emulsions (C Phase)

PRESERVATION: the bacterial count of this 100% natural product is relatively high. For long term preservation of products containing Acai dry extract, simple preservatives or simple mixes such as phenoxyethanol+ethylhexyglycerin or sodium benzoate+potassium sorbate may not be sufficient. A more complex mix of preservatives at higher concentrations may be more suitable to obtain a more stable product. Lowering the pH to 5 also increases the long term stability.

Despite being quite a simple preservative, Flower Tales Ecobio Guard has however been shown to preserve sealed finished products in normal storage conditions for up to 30 months when used at 1% concentrations and pH 5

INDICATIONS: dry skin; mature skin; dry and brittle hair; brittle nails; rosacea; eczema; psoriasis; cellulite; stretch marks; post-shave irritations.

APPLICATIONS: anti-ageing creams; anti-cellulite treatments; lotions for tired or swollen legs; hair care products; sunscreens; after sun lotions; shaving creams.

PackagingTab with “easy open” pressure lid and precision spoon. Reusable and recyclable. 

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply undiluted directly onto the skin.

No GMOs. Not tested on animals. Not treated with ionising radiations. No SVHC substances. No CRM substances. No nanomaterials. No pesticides.

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